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Shopo DIY – Make Fun Lipsticks at Home!

They should coin a name for this universal feeling: you’re trying out lipstick swatches at the mall or leafing through advertorials in a beauty magazine when are overcome with a desire to bite those plump scrumptious red and pink bits. We’ll leave it to the grammar Einsteins to christen the emotion, but we can certainly help you make lipsticks that are actually good enough to eat!

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7 earring styles your jewellery box

A pair of earrings can make or break your style statement. Yes, it’s that mighty. A right pair of earrings can complement your look any oh boy, if the earrings are trendy and right out of a fashion magazine, then maybe define and highlight your look as well. Latest earring trends include a gamut of gorgeousness. The markets are flooded, but well, it takes a fashionista’s eyes to scan the best out of the rest.

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